Matthew Georges

Co-Founder / Director

A Co-Founder and current Director of Encore Collective, Matthew has over 5 years experience in the industry, attaining him with a wealth of knowledge and acquired skills, which have led to the successful progression of the company. A veteran behind the camera lens but forever a student of the game, Matthew has been at the fore front of Encore Collective's ever growing photography unit since its inception in 2013 and has enjoyed many successful events including various Weddings, Private Events, Christenings, Engagement parties, Sporting events, Photoshoots and many more. Matthew's vision for creativity has also allowed for his potent versatility between photography and videography, having also filmed many private events and commercial promotional videos. As a leader, Matthew plays an active daily role in the business usually being the first line of contact for clients whilst also managing bookings and accounts.

Richie Boulus

Co-Founder / DJ

One of the Co Founders of Encore Collective and the very first DJ Encore has ever hired, DJ Richee B has lived the progression of this business since day one. With over 5 years experience of DJing, Richie boasts an arsenal of mastery within the field that most DJ’s dream of with his versatility in genres ranging from RnB, House, Trance, Edm, NRG and Old school. Richie has captured the hearts of dancefloors since his debut in 2013 and has built quite the reputation over the years as one of the hottest young DJ’s coming through the scene. Richie’s talents have seen him work numerous Private Events, School Formals, Engagement parties, Pre Wedding and even Weddings (which he completed at the age of 15).

James Rouhana


Our second DJ to join the team back in 2015, James has since become one of our most popular DJ’s over the years due to his unmatched transitions and nack of always be able to have a full dancefloor. Before joining the team at Encore, James had been DJing on the independent scene for over 2 years, hence providing us with over 5 years of DJing experience which have since seen James headline events at The H Nightclub and also DJ at numerous weddings, private events and School Formals. An expert in Trance, RnB, House and NRG, James’ music pallet is infinite making him the perfect DJ for your next event!

Luke Vincent


An enormous addition to our team starting in 2018, Luke Vincent needs no introduction. An expert DJ boasting over 5 years experience has seen Luke build quite a formidable reputation as one of the most talented DJ’s in Sydney. Before joining the team at Encore, Luke has already showcased his talents through working at numerous clubs such as Homebar and Candy’s whilst also having worked many private events, School Formals, Engagement parties and also Weddings. A specialist in Trance, RnB, House and NRG, Luke’s addition to the team can not be measured as his provision of experience and DJing intel will be sure to add an extra string to the bow of Encore’s ever growing DJ unit.

Nicholas Webb

Photographer / Videographer

Nick joined Encore Collective in the summer of 2016 and has since then showcased talents well beyond his years. A naturally gifted eye for capturing the moment, Nick’s charisma and attention to detail have made him a revelation since joining Encore. Nick’s talents and skills have been crafted through not only his studies at school in photography and Digital Media but also his intransigent passion for photography itself. Nick through his time at Encore has excelled extremely through working at events such as 21st Birthday parties, Photoshoots, Christmas Parties and even Weddings! With his ability to also film as a videographer, Nick has crafted a jaw-dropping portfolio!

Sean Mitrovits

Photographer / Videographer

Since starting with Encore Collective in 2014, Sean has attained the position as our “Mr Fix It” due to his potent versatility between Videography and photography. With a passion for videography and photography stemmed through his studies of photography and Digital Media during his schooling days along with over 4 years of experience in both event photography and Videography, Sean’s talents and work have acquired himself a veteran position within the company. Sean through his time at Encore has experienced an abundance of work through his service at events such as 21st Birthday parties, Photoshoots, Christmas Parties and even Weddings!

Lachlan Moussa


Since joining the team in early 2017, Lachie has consistently tuned up sublime albums with his slick eye and attention to detail behind the lens. A naturally creative mind groomed from his years of “Video Gaming with his cousins”, Lachie has already showcased his talents through Real Estate Photoshoots and numerous private events throughout his time at Encore. Having completed his studies of photography and Digital Media during his schooling days, Lachie’s experience as a well-equipped photographer has proven invaluable to our team’s future plans.

Aaron Huie

Photographer / Videographer

Another huge addition to the team in 2018 comes in the form of Aaron Huie. Aaron needs no introduction, as his large following on Instagram, showcasing his jaw-dropping work speaks for itself, making Aaron has become one of Sydney’s most renown urban photographers/videographers. A veteran behind the camera lens and a specialist in capturing the moment, Aaron has not only mastered urban photography and videography but has also worked numerous private events and Corporate functions. With a dual threat of taking photos and capturing videos, Aaron's value to the team can not be measured and we can not wait to show you his spectacular work!

Kai Brand


The X Factor of our photography unit, the addition of Kai to the team in 2019 cannot be measured. His passion for photography combined with his classy finesse has seen Kai produce breathe taking pieces which can be viewed across his media platforms. A veteran in landscape and portrait photography, Kai’s photography intel is also an asset to marvel as he continues his Diploma of Photo Imaging after already completing his studies of photography in his senior years at high school. With no moment too hard to capture nor angle too hard to photograph, Kai is definitely one to watch from our team!

Brad Walsh


Calm, cool and collected, whether it be on the job or behind the photo editing screen, Brad Walsh is an incredibly talented addition to Encore's ever-growing photography unit. A specialist in Urban Photography and a seasoned veteran in event photography, Brad enters his 4th year of photography with an invaluable knowledge and skill set, far beyond his years. An efficient, reliable and productive photographer, Brad has shot at numerous private events, engagements, weddings and school socials, making him the perfect photographer for your next event!

Luke Gilder


One of the very first members to join the Encore team in 2015, Luke has been a stalwart in our photography unit for a number of years now. Never phased by any event, whether it be a local house party to a Wedding, Luke’s end to end precision and directorial vision has seen him become one of our most consistent event photographers for a number of years!

Kristian Boulos


A cheeky wink with a killer beat, it’s not only Kristian’s charm that will win you over but his insane talent behind the drums, unparalleled to those heard before. A young drummer with an appreciation for traditional beats and songs, Kristian has performed at countless parties, pre-weddings and weddings throughout his drumming career and has proven to be a fan favourite during his time at Encore. Capable of drumming solo or within unison of up to 20+, Kristian is guaranteed to take your party to the next level with his performance!

Brendan Maroun


The jumpstart to every party, Brendan is our pocket rocket behind the drums for your next event! Brendan arrives to the Encore team having experienced it all through drumming at numerous house parties, engagements, pre-wedding and even weddings, one of which featuring award-winning recording artist Tyga. With over 5 years of experience behind the drums, Brendan is a perfect fit to make your occasion extra special!

Mitch Musarra

Head of IT

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Jared Ius


A gifted individual with an ambition for perfection, Jared has produced flawless albums through his editing since his arrival to the Encore team in mid-2018. Jared’s pinpoint eye for error and relentless attention to detail has ensured that all teeth are squeaky clean and that there isn’t a sweat patch in sight (you can thank him later boys). Jared’s natural talent blossomed through his completion of studies in photography during his senior years at school along with the completion of his photography Certificate 3 in 2019. An invaluable addition to the Encore team, rest assured that all of your photos will be taken care of by our mastermind editor!